Who We Are

American Hemp Research is a trusted partner in everything hemp. Our leaders, Andy and Frank Huston are 6th generational farmers in Illinois. In an industry where trust is extremely important we pride ourselves on honesty and trustworthiness. We do what we say and say what we mean and that translates into executable services and products. Located in the heart of Illinois on some of the finest flat, black dirt the brothers have a background in growing high CBD hemp.

What We Do

Hemp is an unparalleled agricultural commodity with a diverse array of lucrative industrial applications in addition to its full spectrum nutritional and therapeutic properties. We intend to provide stable hemp seed and resources to areas that legalize hemp so families everywhere can experience the economic and environmental benefits of industrial hemp cultivation.


The Huston brothers were one of the first growers in Illinois to grow high CBD hemp legally in the state. In partnership with Western Illinois University the brothers have grown High CBD hemp to research how well it grows in Illinois. The test plot was scored for key agronomic traits including: emergence, stand count, time to flowering, plant height, and total seed yield.

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